Well pumps

Guelph plumbers take pride in our premium well pump services because we know that is where the water cycle to your home begins. Without a well pump you’re not going to have running water and there is nothing worse than running out of water in the middle of a nice hot shower (especially for us Canadians).

If you live in town this shouldn’t be a concern to you because you will be connected to the town water system. But if you live in the country you know you get your water supply a totally different way. Sometimes this can be good as water wells will give you amazing, high-quality drinkable water, Some of the best water I’ve ever had has come from a country well system. Depending on how far you have to drill down to find the water table the quality of water will vary. Sometimes it can be hard or have a lot of sulfur but there is ways to treat these common issues.

Well systems consist of a well casing that gets drilled down to the water table. The depth one has to drill down can vary which will drastically increase or decrease the cost of getting a well. There will be a pipe installed called a well casing that the water will be pumped up from. At the top of the casing, there will be a well seal which is what you will see from the outside at ground level. Usually, a jet pump will pull the water from up from the ground into a storage tank. The jet pump is where issues can occur and you should call www.guelphplumbingcompany.com for assistance if you happen to run out of water.

There are common issues that can occur with a well, your water could get contaminated or the system could get clogged. A few common problems consist of: hard water, methane gas inside a well which is why you should never build a home over a well, bacteria contaminating the water from a septic tank but deep wells will be less likely get contaminated, fertilizers and pesticides from agricultural land seeping into the water table.

Some of these issues can be a big concern to the quality of water which is why you should have it tested. You can send your water away to a lab to check for bacteria and chemicals. There is a way to neutralize or decontaminate the water as it comes into your home but it may be wise to drill a deeper well if necessary.

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