Drain Cleaning

Guelph’s premier plumbing company understands that clogged drains can be a huge pain in the you know what. Drains are a main part of the plumbing system and although as plumbers we follow a strict building code that is designed for plumbing to drain best sometimes debree gets caught up anyways.Whether it be your residential home or a commercial business our professional plumbers can assist with all your drain issues. Contact us anytime for 24/7 support and one of our professional staff will be happy to help diagnose and assist you with any of your plumbing issues.

Why drains need cleaning

Things can end up in the drain that aren’t suppose to be there, especially if you have young ones running around, we have pulled some interesting things out of plumbing drains over the years. It’s not always large object that get caught up, just the build of hair and dirt over time can build up and effect the flow of water.

Common signs your drains need cleaning

Kitchen Sink

The biggest problem us plumbers see in the kitchen is the kitchen sink drain. All different sized of food gets put down there and I’m actually surprised it doesn’t get clogged more often. A clogged kitchen sink can leave a really bad odor which is very unpleasant when this happens in one of the main areas of your home not to mention prevent you from have a clean space to make those delicious meals. To prevent your kitchen sink from clogged we recommend getting a really good drain screen and using it! But issues can still occur and when this happens don’t hesitate to contact your local professional plumbing contractor.

Bathroom plumbing

Barthrooms get a lot of use, and depending on how many your home has plumbing issues can occur quite often. With the sink, bathtub and toilet there are many different issues that can occur from this drainage system. To prevent clogged drains in your shower or bathtub it is best practice to use dissolvable hygiene products, a screen at the drain can also be a great idea to help prevent clumps of hair going down and building up.
Toilet Plumbing issues

So you’ve tried your plunger but your clogged toilet just won’t drain or it fixed it temporarily. First of all make sure you using the right plunger. Another way to prevent your toilet from getting backed up is to never flush down anything other than toilet paper. If you have any issues, please contact our professionals and we can assist in fixing your toilet or the next time the water is draining slow, you smell a bad odor or they are just completely clogged don’t hesitate to contact https://www.guelphplumbingcompany.com. Our friendly professionals will be happy to assist you.

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