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Thank you for your interest in the premier local plumber in your area. Cambridge plumbing company is excited to serve the Tri-cities with licensed professionals that care about our customers and provide long-lasting workmanship.

There aren’t many issues Cambridge plumbers have come across that we can’t fix. Our professional staff is committed to continually learning and staying up to date with the latest plumbing technologies.

Below are just a few of the services we offer as your local plumbing professionals.

Washroom Plumbing Service

Bathroom or washroom’s as we call it in Canada may be the plumbing fixture that gets the most use in the whole home or commercial space, it’s a close tie between that and the kitchen. These fixtures can get worn and break or get backed up from a clog and no one wants to deal with a clogged toilet. If your toilet ever does get clogged don’t hesitate to contact one of our on-call technicians.

There are many ways to unclog a toilet and with a quick google search, you’ll find anything from using a coat hanger to using baking soda. Honestly, some of these things could damage the inner workings of a toilet or drain and end up costing even more money to fix. Please leave these issues to the professionals. We don’t bite and are happy to help.

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New Plumbing / Renovations

Is it time to expand your family or maybe the inlaws are moving in and your home needs a new bathroom or renovation. That’s where your local plumbing professionals can assist you.

Often times homeowners of Cambridge will come to us looking to renovate their basement and would like to add in a new bathroom with shower or bathtub. Basement renovations can be a little more work than expect. Sometimes it does require a plumber to break up the concrete floor and add in a new floor drain. Don’t worry, we will fill it back in but this could mean tearing up existing carpet or flooring that is present. Our professionals will guide you through the process and give a clear scope of the work that needs to be done so there is nothing to worry about.

New toilet install & clogs

If you’re ready to update an existing bathroom in the main living space of your dwelling there are many options. You can replace a toilet and yes there are many brand names to choose from, I personally like this one. The Brondell toilet was designed to keep you warm while doing business which is perfect for us that live in Ontario because hey, it’s not always the warmest.

A new toilet is just one way to spruce up your castle. If you have been to Home depot Cambridge, Rona Cambridge, Canadian Tire Cambridge lately there are some beautiful faucets or shower heads available that can bring a whole new look to your powder room. As mentioned before we are the best local plumbers and have seen a lot of scenarios including many different types of faucets, so don’t worry about getting your new faucet or shower installed because our experts are ready.

Water softener & repair

Hard water can be an issue in the Cambridge, Guelph, Waterloo, Kitchener area but that’s why our pros are trained to install and repair water softeners. If you’ve never experienced it please read this hard water article on why it’s beneficial for you to get a water softener installed. Not only can hard water have an odor but it can stain your new plumbing appliances and even makes it harder to wash dishes.

Water heater services

Water heater and repair should never be in the same sentence, especially in Ontario Canada when it can get to 30 below. The plumbers in Cambridge are water heater experts whether it be a leak, replacement, maintenance, commercial water heater install, our licensed pros are ready for the job. One of the worst things that we Ontarians may even have bad dreams about is waking up to cold water in the morning during mid-January.

No one likes a cold shower, and after coming in from the cold it’s always nice to jump in and warm up a little. That is why you should never go without hot water, please don’t hesitate to contact us even for a routine checkup and maintenance on your water heater. Although if it happens to malfunction your top on-call plumber is ready to assist you.

Backflow Testing

You should schedule a yearly backflow inspection to make sure the unit is working and doing it’s job. As the Cambridge municipality works on the water system it could lose pressure for a number of reasons including water main breaks, fire hydrant discharge, water failure of a municipal pumping station. These issues can cause loss of pressure and water to flow back into the dwelling contaminating your water.

We absolutely do not want to the flow of water to reverse and go back into the home or commercial space. Please contact us to check the backflow units as our licensed plumbers have their backflow tickets.

Drain services

Cambridge plumbing company provides drain cleaning services for clogged drains. You never know what ended up getting down your drain, it could be an action figure or just a large piece of food that got stuck, even worse, a pipe may have collapsed. Either way contact us today and we will bring out a drain snake which is a long rod with a camera on the end and we can see exactly what is in your pipes.

A drain snake is a wonderful tool that can save both of us time and money. I love the fact that we can diagnose a plumbing issue and put truth behind it with the snake. From there if plumbing pipes were clogged we can run the electric drain cleaning machine through the pipes to make them almost like new!

Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Over time as foods, greases, soaps, fats and detergents get put down the drain they can build up causing issues. A scenario like this is where our professional plumbers come in handy.

Bathroom sink cleaning

Hair, toothpaste, beauty products can cause drain products in your sinks. Contact our professionals today to find out how our 24/7 services can help. Bathroom wet vents is also a system our plumbers can install to make sure harmful methane gas doesn’t seep up the drain.

Bathtub drain cleaning

Hair, beauty products, dog hair, and more hair are the enemies of bathtub drains. Personally, I do not like the feeling of being ankle deep in dirty bath water when taking a shower trying to get clean and fresh. This would be an issue our drain cleaning service would take care of. Contact us today for more information.

Professional Drain Cleaning

Our trained professionals also do commercial roof drains, residential roof drains, commercial drain cleaning, residential drain cleaning and floor drain cleaning.

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